At McLarney Construction, we believe that in order for any product to be truly exceptional, it must exceed the needs of the client. Being a client-driven company that delivers superior quality is paramount, and a core value of our business.
Company Overview

Our Mission. Our Vision.

The Mission of Mclarney Construction is to provide commercial construction services to the Bay area.  We provide our customers with a total solution to their construction needs through relationships based on trust. We achieve leadership through a balance of superior service, a fair return on investment and strategic marketing that adapts to market changes. Our company culture values and empowers employees with an emphasis on open communication and growth opportunities. We strive for a balance between family and business life while having fun in the process. We’re passionate about our commitments.

The Vision of McLarney Construction is to be an unparalleled resource for commercial construction services through an absolute dedication to Integrity, service and a quality product.

We demonstrate our values everyday.

We work closely with our clients to establish superior quality standards. This includes matching the correct grade of subcontractor with the project quality levels established by the client. We rely on our subcontractors' expertise and value their input and performance as part of our team.

Our core focus area of Interior Improvements was arrived at purposefully. Our team has a shared passion for this niche and has spent 30 years perfecting it. The result of these efforts is a loyal client base that trusts us and has confidence in our abilities.


The project team performs the punch list walk-through with each client. This process comes with the assurance that while the project may be finalized, our commitment is on going. If you ever feel that something requires attention, simply give us a call.

Through our business systems and communication tools, we establish a step-by-step outline of the work to be done. We listen and strive to understand exactly what you need. We then work with you every step of the way. No surprises. No excuses.


The combined strength
 of our entire team and our relationships with clients has spawned the best sales force we could ask for. Each member of our team is instrumental in business development. This is supported by consistent client referrals, which pave the way for new contacts and business opportunities.

Happy Man

Walking past a store window, something caught Kevin's eye. It was a fairly simple sculpture, but it had something extra. It had personality. Kevin made an immediate connection with the little guy.

He was fun. He exhibited a genuine quality of McLarney Construction; that along with team efforts and hard work, positive energy abounds. As a result, the sculpture found a new home and "Happy Man" was born.

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